Interim Executive
As an interim I will put the focus on developing your organisation and leaving you with long term solutions to help you when I am with you and into the future.

Aa an Interim Executive I can

Whether it’s an executive transition, a large-scale initiative, or a need for objective analysis, third sector organisations often face unique leadership needs and challenges. As an Interim Executive I provide experience and objective guidance during times of transition or growth as well as expertise in key areas like strategy, operations and change management. 

For organisations in need of this support, it’s my role to  assess and address organisational pain points, improve processes, and build internal capacity so that the organisation maintains momentum and continuity when facing leadership gaps or planning for the future. 

I offer third sector organisations completely tailored support, providing leadership transition within the organisation and working alongside the existing management team and Board.

My recent contracts include Interim Chief Executive Officer at Seamab, Interim Change Director at Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis, Change Manager at Clackmanshire Women’s Aid and Interim Chief Executibe Officer at SiMBA.

Why you may need an Interim Executive

Transition Management

Fill a Temporary Leadership Gap

Crisis Management

Consultant Support

Senior Management Support

Maternity Cover

Culture and Change Managemen

Succession Planning

Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions

Organisational Development

Dissolution and Start Up

Governance and Operational Restructure


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