I work with people and businesses to create new ideas, to transform, grow and face the future with resilience and sustainability.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a powerful, future & solutions focused development and learning tool for individuals, leaders or managers in any organisation or type of business. My coaching sessions are skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support people to help themselves, and or their business, to excel and to think differently.

Interim Executive

Many organisations may find a time when they need an interim executive to provide tailored support, working alongside an existing management team and board to support their organisation through a time of change, planning or absence.

Some of my other services

  • Conduct a full health check of your Governance processes and procedures
  • Observe a Board Meeting
  • Review the Governing Documents
  • Make Governance recommendations
  • Provide Board Governance training
  • Recruitment and induction of Boards
  • Skills audits
  • Board Behaviours & dynamics
  • Board performance & appraisals
  • Good Governance Plans & Codes of Conduct
  • Vision & Mission & Values review
  • Strategy & business / financial plan review
  • Business model review
  • Income & fundraising strategy review
  • Leadership team review
  • Staffing structure review
  • Sustainability
  • Income diversification
  • Volunteering
  • Developing more effective meetings
  • SOCIALSTYLEs or Strengths Profiling – team behaviours
  • Vision, Mission & Values Review and can include Workshops to redefine & strengthen – Find your Why & How’s by Simon Sinek
  • Strategy & Business Plan reviews
  • Strategy on a Page Workshop
  • Balance Scorecard Strategic Objectives and KPI’s, targets and measures
  • Organisational Strategic Outcomes Frameworks
  • The 5 Bold Steps Workshop – Design a Better Business
  • Strategic Financial & Business Planning
  • Review of fundraising plans and income generation models
  • Review of Organisational Model to maximise income
  • Review of fundraising staffing structures
  • Fundraising strategy writing
  • Fundraising bid and tender writing
  • Income diversification modelling using the Income Spectrum Model – Workshop
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Business Meetings Facilitator – [using Thinking Environment Principles]
  • How to Create the perfect meeting – half day workshop
  • Presentations in a thinking environment – half day workshop
  • Behavioural Dynamics masterclass – half day workshop using strengths profiling
  • Creating Impactful business presentations – half day workshop
  • Find your WHY masterclass – half day workshop
  • Building your organisation’s strategy – one day or 2 half-day workshops

Karen’s clients describe her as inspiring, motivational and outcome focused. Her unique and enthusiastic approach to her work lets her develop the confidence and mindsets of individuals and organisations to get them to where they need to be.

Recent Contracts

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